U.S. History I United States History 1607-1865 by Sage H.J.

By Sage H.J.

History 121: U.S. heritage I path Description & Objectives
Introduction to American History
Part 1: Colonial American background, 1607-1763
Documents of Colonial American History
Part 2: period of the yankee Revolution, 1763-1800
Documents of the yank Revolution Era
Part three: Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democracy
Documents of yank heritage 1800-1840
Part four: growth and battle: the USA 1840-1865
Documents 1840-1865

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Queen Mary, who became known as “Bloody Mary,” ordered many imprisoned Catholics to be released and had a number of Protestants opponents executed, since practicing the wrong faith was considered treason. In hopes of having an heir to thwart the accession of her Protestant sister Elizabeth, Mary married Prince Philip of Spain, who eventually became King Philip II. Because of long-standing animosity between England and Spain, Mary’s marriage was very unpopular with the people. She never had a child.

His last service to his country came during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. He died in 1790. The Southern Colonies The Carolinas Many parts of the New World were explored before actual settlements were created, and the southern North American colonies were no exception. Giovanni da Verrazano visited the Carolina coast in the early 1500s, and Spanish explorers from Florida also traveled northward as far as North Carolina. The first attempt to colonize North Carolina occurred in the 1580s under Sir Walter Raleigh.

Puritans were not opposed to pleasure, but saw its regulation as part of a wellordered society. They were moral athletes who strove to standards higher than one had a right to expect. They drove themselves to great achievements—there was no rest short of the grave. ” Puritans were not high-minded theorists but rather pragmatic people who were concerned with the way things worked in the real world. They fought among themselves over power, not how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. They were indeed frequently narrow-minded, but that can often be a source of strength.

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