Stick Insects: Masters of Defense (Insect World) by Sandra Markle

By Sandra Markle

Beware of those masters of defense--stick bugs! Their mystery weapon is having the ability to disguise in simple sight. to guard themselves from predators, they've got built lengthy, slim our bodies. They combination correct in to the branches they live to tell the tale. a few stick bugs also have additional growths that appear like leaves for extra camouflage. Stick bugs additionally safeguard themselves through being such a lot lively at evening while it really is even more durable to determine them. They break out from predators by means of shedding to the wooded area flooring, the place they appear to be fallen sticks and leaves. during this fascinating booklet, you could study what makes stick bugs just like and diversified from different bugs. Close-up photos and diagrams show notable information about stick bugs' our bodies, either inside and outside. and you may practice actions that assist you detect how stick bugs dwell and the way they disguise by means of protecting nonetheless. examine extra approximately this fascinating member of nature's interesting Insect global!

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34 One Australian stick insect has developed a special way to protect its eggs. Each egg has a cap filled with a special food. The smell of this rich food attracts ants. The ants pick up the eggs, one by one, and carry them back to their nest. In the nest, the ants eat the egg caps. They put the eggs in the nest’s garbage dump. Being in the ants’ dump doesn’t harm the eggs. The ants guard their nest against enemies, such as some kinds of insects and spiders. Being in the ants’ nest protects the stick insect’s eggs too.

L e r n e r b o o k s . A. MASTERS OF DEFENSE WATCH OUT FOR THESE MASTERS OF DEFENSE— STICK INSECTS! In this exciting book, you can learn what makes stick insects similar to and different from other insects. Close-up photographs and diagrams reveal extraordinary details about stick insects’ bodies, both inside and out. And you can perform activities that help you observe how stick insects live and how they hide by keeping still. Learn more about this member of nature’s fascinating INSECT WORLD!

S T IC K IN S E C T F A CT Some kinds of female stick insects, like Indian stick insects, are able to produce eggs without mating. This kind of reproduction is called parthenogenesis (partheh-noh-JE-neh-sehs). 32 MALE FEMALE Stick insects produce hundreds of eggs. This usually means some eggs will survive to hatch even if predators eat others. Some stick insects, like the Florida two-striped, lay them in holes in the ground. Some glue their eggs to the underside of a leaf to hide them. Others just flick them away, one at a time.

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