Curtin Express by Mike Dixon

By Mike Dixon

A few issues are top left unopened, quite once they comprise darkish secrets and techniques. David Paget must have considered that sooner than he agreed to assemble a suitcase from Hong Kong and take it to Canberra. The contents belong to the far away previous and glance too previous to be threatening. yet appearances should be misleading. Like a genie from a bottle the prior rushes in and David is propelled on a mad flight during the vastness of Australia, pursued through employed killers. His acquaintances mount a rescue operation. To be triumphant, they have to delve into the earlier and discover the explanations for his plight.

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Okay! You fellas! ‟ 41 David pushed open the door and waved to an athletic young woman who was handing out scuba equipment. He turned to Humphrey. ‟ Humphrey suspected he had. Janet Pulnitz was an undercover agent for the Narcotics Bureau and the sister of his colleague, Alan Pulnitz. She worked part-time as a martial arts instructor – a job that provided cover for her main occupation. Now, it seemed she‟d joined the dive industry. Janet glanced up when they entered but her face registered no trace of recognition.

Tim went to a table piled with unclaimed mail. A parcel with Chinese stamps was balanced on top. ‟ „I don‟t know about that,‟ the man grunted. ‟ 36 Tim grabbed the parcel and hurried back to the van, half -blinded by the rain. He didn‟t look back and didn‟t see the man jump up from the armchair. Nor did he see him slip out through a side door and run towards a motorbike. B ack in the flat, Tim stripped off his wet shirt and went to the fridge for more beer. On the other side of the table, David stared apprehensively at the brown paper parcel, laid out on the bare boards like a hunting trophy.

His shadow mingled with the image of a surfer on a giant wave. He had a soldering iron and was applying it in a way another artist might use a brush – scorching lines on the wooden surface. Art, scuba diving and women were Tim‟s passions. He often joked that he could go without food but would die if he were denied the three basic essentials of life. And he enjoyed more than average success in finding them. A certain sort of woman found Tim irresistible. Others found him amusing. Few disliked him.

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