Creatures of the Wyld: A Bestiary of the Second Age (Exalted by White Wolf Publishing

By White Wolf Publishing

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You must ride tram cars at various points in the single-player game in order to reach new areas. During the Tram Rail level, you must use your tram car’s heavy machine gun to fend off attackers. Fire at each threat in turn as they approach from behind. Your primary targets are Strogg dropships. The bombs they drop when they enter close proximity are lethal, so don’t give them the chance. Other tram cars that carry tacticals are your secondary targets. To quickly destroy them, fire at the top portions of their tram cars, which connect their cars to the overhead rail.

ITEMS ACQUIRED Armor shards Armor vest, small Health packs, small Waypoint #5 Two more Strogg marines attack as you proceed toward the hangars. Cut them down quickly, then pass through the door beyond. Face the control panel inside the door; press ATTACK to activate it and exit the level. com <<< 53 >>> Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited. ™ Objective: Destroy Strogg Aircraft Hangars A 2 1 START AMMUNITION ENEMY SPAWN ARMOR 1 WAYPOINT WEAPON A CONNECTION Waypoint #1 After a short journey through some tunnels, you encounter a new enemy at this waypoint—a powerful Strogg gunner.

CHAPTER 5 CHARACTERS RHINO SQUAD Corporal Alejandro “Alex” Cortez Corporal William “Billy” Rhodes Age: 22 Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico Height: 5’ 7” Weight: 145 lb. Squad Role: Sniper Age: 25 Place of Birth: Fort Worth, Texas Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 180 lb. Squad Role: Demolitions Growing up on his family’s ranch, Cortez took to guns while very young. His father still brags about how, at the age of eight, young Alejandro could kill a jackrabbit from 150 yards out. After his sister was killed during the first Strogg attack on Earth, Cortez joined the Marine Corps determined to have his revenge.

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