Cosmic by Frank Cottrell Boyce

By Frank Cottrell Boyce

Liam has consistently felt rather like he is caught among worlds. this can be essentially simply because he is a twelve-year-old child who feels like he is approximately thirty. occasionally it is not so undesirable, like whilst his new valuable blunders him for a instructor at the first day of faculty or while he convinces a motor vehicle broker to enable him take a Porsche out on a attempt force. yet often it really is simply problematical, being a child trapped in an grownup global. And so he makes a decision to turn issues round. Liam cons his means onto the 1st spaceship to take civilians into house, a unique flight for a gaggle of youngsters and an grownup chaperone, and he's going because the grownup chaperone. it isn't lengthy prior to Liam, together with his acquaintances, is caught among worlds again—only this time he is 239,000 miles from domestic. Frank Cottrell Boyce, writer of thousands and Framed, brings us a humorous and touching tale of the numerous ways that grown-upness is really wasted on grown-ups.

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That’s the thing about parents. If you go missing, they worry that you might be dead. Then when they find you, they want to kill you. Dad was furious because while he’d been worrying himself sick I hadn’t been worried at all. Why wasn’t I worried? Because I knew he’d come back for me. I never thought for a minute he wouldn’t. When you’re a kid you think your dad can do anything. It’s different now. If you ask me now if I think Dad is going to pop up at the controls of this rocket, two hundred thousand miles above the surface of the Earth, and fly us back to Bootle, I’d say probably not.

Dad pointed out that a holiday only lasted a week or two whereas a new kitchen would last forever. So instead of going on a well-organized, air-conditioned trip of the Sahara, we went to Nothing But Drainers and looked at granite work surfaces. ” It was mostly blue. I remember looking at it, thinking, That’s igneous rock. That came from way underground in Italy. That drainer has had a more exciting life than I have. ” “Good. You can’t go wrong with igneous. ” The man said, “I don’t think so. ” “No, son.

The second bounce was nearly as high as the first, but it wasn’t even a bit frightening. We sat there, the two of us, laughing madly while we waited for the elastic to calm down. We bounced five more times. When we got off I was tingling all over and everything around me looked sort of more in focus than usual. Everything was crisper and brighter. The boys were all hanging around the wooden Martian, shouting and yelling and cheering. The girls were still hanging round Mrs. Hayes asking her about the baby.

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