Cool Tech by Clive Gifford

By Clive Gifford

Cool Tech is an exciting trip throughout the actual facet of the digital international. surprise on the know-how that retains you hooked up, from the ships fitting traces deep within the ocean, the robots finding twine breaks, the satellites beaming indications around the earth, the groups retrieving and splicing strains jointly, to the servers directing and feeding net site visitors worldwide. Plus, have a look again on the historical past of the web, exploring the folk and innovations that ended in its production and travel a digital museum to determine how the expertise has improved through the years altering the lives of standard humans in all places.

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English schoolboy Tom Hadfield started posting soccer results in 1994 and began Soccernet the following year. In 1999, the website sold for $40 million. Sites without ads Big winner In 2004, 14-year-old Ashley Qualls started her own website offering free graphics, templates, and tips on how to use them on MySpace. com, but was soon receiving monthly checks from advertisers for up to $70,000. 5 million plus her choice of car for the site. 0. Some companies’ websites are not designed to turn a profit—they are part of a company’s marketing budget and their job is simply to project a positive image of the company.

Finder Th What’s behind a website? What is a blog? The term “blog” comes from “web log”—a space online used like a diary or journal to post messages. It’s easy to start a blog. They are often part of a regular website, and there are also dedicated blog hosts. All you have to do is sign up. Blogs are regularly updated and most are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments. Browsers A web browser is an application that gives you access to the Web. It translates HTML tags to display web pages on your computer.

However, the next year, when they ended up working together on a new search engine called BackRub, the two of them got along better. They also hit upon a winning formula that would soon become Google, the world’s most popular search engine. In 2009, Forbes magazine described Page and Brin as the fifth-most-powerful people in the world. PageRank Early search engines ranked web pages by how often the search term appeared on the page. Page and Brin’s PageRank system used in Google went much further.

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