Conditioning young athletes by Tudor Bompa

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2. Place the hands on the floor, tuck the head, bend the elbows, and slowly extend the knees for a forward front roll, keeping the back rounded. 3. When the roll is complete, bend the knees to end up in a squatting position. Basketball Dribbling Focus: hand–eye coordination, timing 1. Begin in a standing, kneeling, or sitting position. 2. Perform two-hand dribbling and then one-hand dribbling. Variation Dribble the ball back and forth with a partner. 33 Conditioning Young Athletes Target Kick Focus: coordination, awareness (distance, direction), passing and kicking accuracy 1.

Overhand throw toward a player or a target. If using a target, draw a box on an outside wall using chalk or create a target with tape on the wall and toss ball toward target. Retrieve ball and repeat with both hands. 03/516982/alw/r1 Overhand Throw Relay Focus: hand–eye coordination, passing accuracy 1. Divide the group into two teams. Players in each group line up one behind the other. One team member from each group stands about 10 feet (3 m) opposite the team, holding a ball. Team 1 Team 2 X O Ball Ball 2.

Training programs for these young athletes must focus on overall athletic development and not sport-specific performance. 24 Stages of Athletic Development During this stage, the body is growing at a steady rate and larger muscle groups are more developed than smaller ones. The cardiorespiratory system is developing and aerobic capacity is adequate for most activities. Anaerobic capacities, however, are limited at this stage as children have low tolerance for lactic acid accumulation. Body tissues are susceptible to injury.

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