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To conserve memory, a number of lines could be deleted, e limina ti ng some displ ays and error c hecki ng. These lines should be considered: 32095, 32180 through 32195, 32220, 32225, 32240, 32245, 32340 through 32350, and 32510. Smaller gains can also be made by converti ng the computation of lin e addresses and lin e numb ers to subroutines, and by using shorter variable nam es. Lines 32025-32110 32030 32045-32055 32070-32080 32090- 32110 32120-32165 32120-32145 32170-32225 32235-32245 32260-32460 52 Corrunents Find the address of the variable REFLINE, used to store the referenced line number Beginning of the variable name table Is this the correct variable?

In fact, if you have used BASIC on other systems, then you have probably roundly cursed those programmers who left that facility out. Or you may have wanted to change the name of a variable to make it more self-documenting, but didn't know everywhere it occurred. This article will explore, in tutorial fashion, the structure of Atari BASIC programs as they are stored in memory. It will provide you some tools for doing more of your own exploring, and then show how you can put this type of information to use.

At this point you may want to end the dump program, change line 50 to ass ign a different set of valu es to the three variab les, and th en run a dump of this same area to see the ch anges. Now that you have convinced yourself of the way numbers are sto red, we st ill h ave a mystery or two to solve. W hat abo ut byte two? Suppose that might be the variable number? Remember the statement in Chapter 11 about h ow add ition al references of a vari ab le on ly take one byte. Seems that the on ly way to do that wo uld be to assign a var iab le number.

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