Computer gamesmanship: The complete guide to creating and by David N. L Levy

By David N. L Levy

Publication by means of Levy, David N. L

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Since P I is the first move at I-ply to be examined, this score of - 9 also represents the best score found so far at the I-level, and this is the score assigned to So. The program now looks at Pm which we sometimes refer to as the brother of P II (and P I is father to both of them). The program determines the score Sm compares this value (6) with the best score found so far at this level ( - 9) and finds the - 9 preferable, so the scares SI and So need not be adjusted at this stage. l. 37 Computer Gamesmanship On the way down this part of the tree the program assigns to P, a score of - 9, since this is the best that can be achieved so far.

3, pp. 168-181, October 1978. 61 CHAPTER 5 More Complex Evaluation Functions How good is good? Show a chess master a position from a game of chess and he will most likely make some comment about which side has the advantage. He might say: 'White is slightly better', or 'Black has a clear advantage', or 'White is winning'. Press him further and he will tell you why it is that White is slightly better: perhaps the reason will be simple, such as White has an extra knight ... Of maybe it will be more subtle, such as Black having the inferior pawn structure (or, even more specifically, a pair of 'doubled pawns').

If it was discovered that in a chess position the move e2-e4 by White was refuted by the reply c7---c5, then wherever the move e2 e4 was found in the tree, whether it was at 3-ply, 5-ply, 7-ply or deeper, the first move to be examined for Black would be c7-c5. Again the logic behind this use of the heuristic is easy to understand - a 56 Computer Gamesmanship decision which is bad today will probably be bad in a similar situation tomorrow. The principal continuation When a program has finished its search of the game tree, and has decided on its move, it will have in its memory the path through the tree which it considers to represent the best play by both sides.

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