Compute!'s first book of Atari games by Compute! Publications, Inc

By Compute! Publications, Inc

Fifteen video games for Atari pcs, able to sort in and luxuriate in. Arcade video games and studying video games together with the easiest from Compute journal plus many never-before-published video games and chapters on the best way to strengthen your individual video games

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I bought my buy in virtually ideal situation. The CD that got here with the ebook had a scratch on it that nearly made it unusable, yet I controlled to get every little thing i wished off of it (Direct X used to be the single factor that would not set up accurately, you could get in different places, so I acquired fortunate. it may well were worse, notwithstanding.

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There are four parameters in the parentheses of the USR statement. The first parameter is the address of the machine language routine itself; 1536 is the start of page six. The next parameter is the address of the player shape. Tank Duel stores the player shapes in SHAPE$ and uses the ADR function to find the address. The third parameter is the player'S current location, the actual memory address of the vertical position. The last parameter is the new location, the memory address of the vertical position to which you want to move the object.

6; " {3 SPA C E S } I:J _:i" [3]! "; PLR+ 1;" wH'l~! {3 SPACES}" 460 FOR 1=1 TO 5:FOR W=0 TO 15:S0UND 0,10,0,W:NEXT W:FOR W=0 TO 15:S0U ND 0,12,0,15-W:NEXT W:NEXT I 470 POKE COLTAB+4,28:S=0:GOTO 490 480 IF PEEK(20) ( 25 THEN 510 490 POKE 20,0:POSITION 7,0:S=I-S:IF S THEN ? #6; "PRESS": GOTO 51121 500 ? #6;" I#»i:l:ii" : POKE 53279, 0 510 IF PEEK(53279)< >6 THEN 480 520 RUN 530 REM . . AND THE MONSTERS COME OUT TO PLAY 540 DURATION=DURATION-l : IF DURATION T HEN 590:REM MAKE IT RARE 550 MONSTERS=MONSTERS+l:IF MONSTERS >8 THEN MONSTERS=8:GOTO 590 560 MPOS=SCR+20+INT(420'RND(0» :IF PE EK(MPOS)(>5+128 THEN 560 570 MPOSCMONSTERS)=MPOS:MCUR(MONSTERS )=DIR(INT(8*RND(0») :MNERGY(MONST ERS)=20-MONSTERS 580 BLINK=10:POKE MPOS,6+128:DURATION =45:RETURN 590 IF MONSTERS=0 OR BLINK THEN RETURN 36 Part Two 600 INDEX=INDEX+l:IF INDEX >MONSTERS T HEN INDEX=1 610 SOUND 3,INDEX*10+20,0,15 620 MPOS=MPOS(INDEX1+MCUR(INDEX):IF M POS { SCR+20 OR MPOS>SCR+419 THEN 6 5!!.!

The battlefield, surrounded by a screen border, is dotted with trees, houses, and other buildings of varying shapes and sizes. Note that you can drive your tank behind trees for concealment, but that you cannot drive through buildings (your tank just bounces off). You also cannot drive through the screen border. And if you try ramming the enemy tank, your own tank blows up, so forget about kamikaze charges. To fire your tank's cannon, press the joystick trigger button . The gun's range is limited to about two-thirds the breadth or height of the screen.

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