Comprehensive Clinical Psychology : 11-Volume Set by A.S. Bellack, Michel Hersen

By A.S. Bellack, Michel Hersen

A multi-volume source on medical psychology.

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He concluded that there was no evidence that psychotherapy was effective, because about two-thirds of the patients improved with or without therapy. Eysenck went on to pioneer the field of behavior therapy in Britain. Research on Treatment in the Twentieth Century In 1958, psychiatrist Joseph Wolpe (1915± 1997) published an influential book about the use of systematic desensitization for phobias (Wolpe, 1958), claiming a 90% success rate with this type of problem. In its most common variant, Wolpe's treatment involved teaching the patient to relax (using the procedure of Jacobson, 1929).

A. Morel's concept of degeneration. Endocrinologist Rosalyn S. Yalow developed techniques for the radioimmunoassay of peptide hormones. Among other uses, these procedures allowed the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease in newborn infants before any signs of cretinism appeared. She won a Nobel prize for this work in 1977. New imaging technology is one of the fastest growing areas of assessment. Computerized tomography (CT), for example, is a noninvasive procedure that enables one to view the brain in cross-section and to visualize neuronal structures there as well as tumors, areas of hemorrhage, and so on.

Computerized tomography (CT), for example, is a noninvasive procedure that enables one to view the brain in cross-section and to visualize neuronal structures there as well as tumors, areas of hemorrhage, and so on. Johnstone et al. (1976) used CT relatively soon after it became available. They were able to document that persons with chronic schizophrenia tended to have enlarged cerebral ventricles. They also examined the relation of these to degree of impairment. Besides CT, the new techniques include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the positron emission technique (PET) for observing brain metabolic activities, and the study of regional cerebral blood flow (RCBF)(Andreasen, 1988).

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