Compendium of World History by Herman L. Hoeh

By Herman L. Hoeh

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That is one of the reasons God slew the firstborn of Egypt. From the pyramid-tomb of Unis one may read this horrible account of his life, his blasphemous claims, and his deeds. "Behold, Unas hath arrived at the height of heaven .... Ra is on one side and Horus is on the other, and Unas is between them .... Unas hath weighed his word with the hidden god who hath no name, on the day of hacking in pieces the firstborn .... Unas devoureth men .... He ... cutteth off hairy scalps ... the cordmaster hath bound them for slaughter.

Dynasty VI of Memphis immediately preceded this period. It lasted 181 years -- 1626-1445. The following chart is determined from archaeological evidence and the Turin Canon. Names in Manetho Names in Turin Canon and King- Length of Reign Dates lists 1 Othoes Teti Userkare (a usurper) 13 1626-1613 6 1613-1607 20 1607-1587 6 1587-1581 94 1581-1487 2 Phios Piopi 3 Menthusuphis Merenre 4 Phiops Neferkare 5 Menthesuphis Merenre-Antyemzaef 1 1487-1486 Nitokerty 12 1486-1474 Neferka, the younger 20 1474-1454 Nufe 2 1454-1452 Kakare (Ibi) 4 1452-1448 (name missing) 2 1448-1446 (name missing) 1 1446-1445 6 Nitocris (Manetho ends his list here) Manetho assigns to Othoes 30 years, at the end of which time he was assassinated by his bodyguard, His total reign extended from 1643-1613.

Solomon commenced the building of the Temple in his fourth year. In the eleventh year of his reign it was completed (I Kings 6:37-38). Thereupon Solomon devoted his time to the erection of his palace. " (I Kings 7:1). It was now the twenty-fourth year of Solomon's reign. " that Hiram the king of Tyre came to visit Solomon (I Kings 9:10). But Hiram was not the only royal visitor who came about this time. "And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon because of the name of the Lord, she came to prove him with hard questions" (I Kings 10:1).

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