Cold Winter (Prima Official Game Guide) by Joe Grant Bell

By Joe Grant Bell

No Tux. No License. No Mercy. ·Tips and maps that can assist you triumph over each point ·Multiplayer counsel: Weapon use, map-specific ploys, approach for each online game style ·Understand and defeat AI rivals ·Comprehensive weapon and kit stats ·Every intelligence merchandise printed ·Get best grades on each challenge

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A movie plays, in which Andrew climbs the ladder and kills Hanif Hassan, and obtains the blueprints he needs. Protected by copyright. Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited. Qattara 8 [ New Objective ] Rendezvous with Kim 7 While you’re on the roof, grab a pair of surveillance devices. You get an optional objective: Place these devices on local telephone exchange boxes. Get to the butcher shop door. Kim lets you in, and a movie plays. When the movie ends you automatically grab some shaped charges.

New Optional Objective ] Access the storeroom 10 13 The storeroom door is ahead. Pick the lock, enter the storeroom, and grab supplies—including body armor and grenades. Return to the kitchen and take the other door. 11 The next courtyard area has an L-shaped pool. Grab body armor from the bottom of the pool, and pick up some empty bottles nearby. Then exit to the south. 14 The outer courtyard is a big area occupied by prison guards and two Browning machine guns. Refer to the previous tip for defeating this type of enemy.

You can detonate cars and red canisters to make the job easier. Be prepared to retreat, because at least one grenadier has a grenade launcher! 3 The street leads due east, but instead of walking down it, cross it and go up some stairs on the south side. Follow a ledge to a spot with two Browning machine guns and some gear. 4 Man one of the Brownings and gun down several guards in the windows of a nearby building. com There’s also a piece of intel posted on the front of the Fonaz Scooters building.

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