CliffsNotes Parent's Crash Course Elementary School Science by Faith Brynie

By Faith Brynie

While the technological know-how undertaking is due, this publication involves the rescue With the rage towards hands-on studying, thousands of undemanding scholars need to do technology initiatives. regularly, they point out this to their mom and dad the evening prior to the venture is due. This ebook is helping busy mom and dad aid their young ones create last-minute technological know-how tasks utilizing fabrics typically discovered round the apartment. It positive factors bankruptcy breakouts grouped by way of technology venture topic, two-page spreads dedicated to particular technological know-how tasks, and factoids to get young children attracted to the topic. mom and dad can speedy decide a suitable venture and spur their destiny scientists towards luck! religion Hickman Brynie (Bigfork, MT) is a author focusing on technological know-how and future health; she holds a PhD in technological know-how schooling, curriculum, and guideline and is a widespread author for the children’s technological know-how journal Odyssey, in addition to the editor of assorted uncomplicated institution technology textbooks.

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Qxd 8/19/05 7:29 PM Page 30 Are Household Powders Acids or Bases? TALK IT OVER: Many everyday substances are either acids or bases. Orange juice, vinegar, and cola drinks are acids. Many cleaners, such as household ammonia, are bases. Some substances, called indicators, are one color in an acid and another color in a base. You can use them to tell acids and bases apart. GET: • • • • • • • • • 1-cup measuring cup Rubbing alcohol Measuring spoon Ground turmeric (from the spice aisle at the supermarket) Spoons Sieve Coffee filter Small jam jar 1 gallon distilled water (available in the laundry products aisle at the supermarket) • • • • • Plate Dropper Ziptop plastic sandwich bags Rolling pin Powders to test such as baking soda, baking powder, washing soda, salt, sugar, cream of tartar, chalk, Epsom salts, dishwasher powder, powder laundry detergent, borax, laundry soap, or pills such as calcium, vitamin C, antacids, or aspirin GO 1.

For both, make a bar graph that shows how the heights of the bubbles compare. Write a few sentences on how an acid (the lemon juice) and a base (the baking soda) affect the amount of gas released. For “Go Far,” add other mixtures and pH measurements to your table. Make separate tables for the yeast substitutes such as salt and fine sand. Use bar graphs to answer the following question: Are the bubbles produced by an enzyme in the yeast or by the physical action of fine grains? Tips and Tricks • • Make sure you understand the importance of glass 1 and why it is set up the way it is.

What does your test strip show? Note the limits that your test strips place on how you report your data. At the extremes of a test strip’s range, you cannot be sure of the true value. 4, you cannot be sure what the pH actually is. 4. 4 or higher in your data table. The same thing happens at the low end of the range. 2 or lower. For this reason, when buying your test strips, try to get the widest ranges of pH and total alkalinity values available. qxd 8/19/05 7:29 PM Page 36 How Do Acids and Bases Affect Enzyme Action?

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