Church and State in Soviet Russia: Russian Orthodoxy from by Tatiana A. Chumachenko, Edward E. Roslof

By Tatiana A. Chumachenko, Edward E. Roslof

Church-state kin in the course of the Soviet interval have been even more complicated and changeable than is usually assumed. From the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 till the twenty first celebration Congress in 1961, the Communist regime's perspective towards the Russian Orthodox Church zigzagged from indifference and opportunism to hostility and repression. Drawing from new entry to formerly closed data, historian Tatiana Chumachenko has documented the twists and turns and human dramas of church-state relatives in the course of those many years. This wealthy fabric offers crucial historical past to the post-Soviet Russian government's arguable dating to the Russian Orthodox Church this present day.

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