Christ the Name of God. Thomas Aquinas on Naming Christ by HJM Schoot

By HJM Schoot

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Before I justify this position, let CHAPTER TWO 65 signified by the subject-expression? From the exposition on signification and supposition however, we know that we cannot simply talk about signification in general, but have to ask whether it is connotation or denotation that we indicate. So this is another way of presenting what a theory of predication is about: does the predicate have only signification or actual (personal) supposition as well? These two theories touch upon important logical and semantico-metaphysical problems.

9; orr I 211 [137J; 68) Peter of Spain is less explicit, but H. 80 14-IS)", 1977, p. 138, note 79; Peter of Spain, Tractatus, 1972; William of Sherwood, Introductiones in logicam, 1983; Lambert of Auxerre, Logica (Summa Lamberti), 1971 (as tacitly corrected in H. e. a property, according to which the signified of the tenn can be said of something copulated by the word is"; 70) are said in multiple ways like many such names either according to act or according to habit". ibidem; 71) When I use the phrase 'actual supposition' I abstract from the question whether that what is actually supposited for actually exists or not.

Aquinas rejects this view, since essentia does not have the mode of signification which would make the predication of personal properties possible. The same kind of argument can be found in Aquinas' christology8J. 'Given that the Son of God has suffered, and Son and divine nature are identical, divine nature can be said to have suffered', is unacceptable since it does not respect' the different modes of signification of Filius and divina natura84 • 58 80) Et haec opinio processisse videtur ex consideratione divinae simplicitatis, quae requirit quod in Deo idem sit habens et quod habetur: et sic 'habens deitatem', quod signijicat hoc nomen 'Deus', est idem quod 'deitas'.

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