Cholesterol Metabolism, Ldl, and the Ldl Receptor by N. B. Myant

By N. B. Myant

Ldl cholesterol Metabolism, LDL, and the LDL Receptor

summary: ldl cholesterol Metabolism, LDL, and the LDL Receptor

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1983) . Thes e worker s hav e describe dexperiment s whic hsugges t thatLD Linhibit s reductas ei ncell si ncultur eb y partia l inhibitio no f oxidos qualene cyclase , leadin g t o th e accumulationo f squalen e dioxid e which ,i nturn , is cyclize dt ofor minhibitor y oxysterols . Whilei tha s no tbee nestablishe dtha toxygenate dprecursorso f cholestero l ar e physiological regulatorso f HMG-Co A reductase , tw o line so f evidenc e strongl y suggesttha tinhibitio no f reductase b y endogenou san dexogenou s cholestero li s mediatedb y oxystero l generate denzymicall yfro mcholestero l withi ncells .

Thes edifference s ma y b e explaine di nterm so f the multivalen tcontro lo f reductase discusse da s follows . HDL , b y withdrawin g cholesterolfro mcells , release s reductas e synthesi sfro mth e norma l repressio n exertedb y cholestero l o rothe rstero l presen ti nth e regulatory poo l (Fig . 11) , whereas compacti nreverse s repressio nexerte db ya nonstero l derivativ eo f mevalonicaci da s wel la s tha tdu e t o cholestero l synthesize db y th e cell . Inmos tcases , change si nreductas e synthesi s brough tabou tb y sterol s ar e mediatedb y change si nth e rat eo f transcriptiono f th e reductas e gene .

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