Chemistry Experiments (Facts on File Science Experiments) by Pamela Walker, Elaine Wood

By Pamela Walker, Elaine Wood

The high-interest experiments in 'Genetics Experiments' will have interaction scholars and let them to take part in technological know-how in a hands-on and enjoyable approach. themes explored comprise genetic surveys, inheritance of sickle phone anemia, genetic engineering, relatives pedigree and plant genetics.

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The less reactive metals like lithium, potassium, and sodium can be stored in a container of mineral oil. The more reactive metals require storage in pressurized tubes filled with noble gases. Want to Know More? See appendix for Our Findings. © 2011 Facts on File. All Rights Reserved. 4. Lewis Structures 31 Further Reading Bentor, Yinon. com, 2009. Available online. html. Accessed July 17, 2010. This interactive periodic table provides information about all the elements, including the alkali metals in group 1.

This Web page outlines the history of soapmaking from ancient Babylon and Rome and explains the chemistry of soap. © 2011 Facts on File. All Rights Reserved. 6. Ozone Depletion Topic Student-designed models can be used to demonstrate the mechanism of ozone depletion. Introduction The Sun is the source of all energy for our planet. However, the ultraviolet (UV) radiation produced by the Sun is very powerful and can cause a great deal of damage. The stratosphere of the Earth’s atmosphere contains a combination of gases that form a protective layer against the most harmful solar rays.

The tail region is considered hydrophobic because it will not mix with water, while the head region is hydrophilic, or water-loving. Water is not an effective cleaner for oily materials because oil and water do not mix. The addition of soap to water enables the oily substances to dissolve in water and be washed away. Soap is described as an emulsifier because of its ability to break up oils and trap them inside micelles. These small spheres are formed from many soap molecules that turn their hydrophobic tails inward so that only the hydrophilic heads face the water (see Figure 2).

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