Chagall’s World: Reflections From the Mediterranean by Andre Verdet

By Andre Verdet

A true shock for artwork lovers—an strange collaboration between a various trio of guys: Rolling Stones bass guitarist-turned-photographer invoice Wyman and world-famous painter Marc Chagall, every one lending his expertise to a joint undertaking that goals at taking pictures the spirit and the character of the good artist himself in addition to the spirit and the truth of his artwork.

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Some people made fun of my technique. C. painting. V. Marc Chagall, in some pictures you make us acutely aware but always poetically of the tragedy of the Jewish people, their wanderings and sorrows, the criminal oppression inflicted on them, and the heart-rending hope which has guided them down the centuries. The typical Jewish characters are burdened and marked by the misery of people who have been hunted down for millennia. These paintings are more than anecdotal; it's as if we ourselves were suffering the social traumas of a whole race, the tribes of Israel.

Think of Piero della Or, in France, Rousseau, Seu- . " Do you, Chagall, think about color before form? And since we're talking about Uccello, is he one of your favorites among those famous Renaissance artists Masaccio, Piero della to me: "I suspect Uccello — Francesca, Carpaccio, Bellini, Mantegna? C. — In art, form and color are inseparable. Every- thing hangs together spontaneously. The Italian painters I like best, of those you mention, are Masaccio, Paolo Uccello and, further back, Giotto. V.

So. up to the characterized by the poetry of emblem present, start, right your painting is His pre- is . . Yet ^ — 41 than your pictures. Their thoroughly natural contradictions, whether happy or sad, are smoothed by tranquillity of spirit; the sense of origin and destiny finds justifica- nothing could be less literary which you make palpably cosmic Your faith remains as intact as the freshness in these pictures, a consolation. The animals have eyes filled with tenderness, suffercredulousness and innocence all together, but nostalgia as well.

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