Build Your Own High-Performance Gamer's Mod PC by Joel Durham Jr., Edward Chen

By Joel Durham Jr., Edward Chen

Rev it up, take it into overdrive, and remodel your traditional laptop computer right into a cool taking a look, high-performance gamer’s mod laptop. learn how to collect and set up the most recent CPUs, the most important tough drives, and the quickest RAM. Plus, tweak sounds and video playing cards so functions and video games glance and sound higher. additionally explains actual ameliorations together with portray and lights layout.

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2901-2/ Chapter 2 The Motherboard, Processor, and Memory 39 Figure 2-7 Inserting an Athlon CPU Installing a Pentium 4 Cooler Here’s how you install a Pentium 4 cooler (shown in Figure 2-8). 1. Locate the black base bracket surrounding the CPU. Note the four tall pillars, one in each corner. The cooler’s bracket will align with the motherboard bracket and snap into notches on the base. The cooler has two levers that, when set, apply pressure to the heat sink to keep it in solid contact with the CPU (Figure 2-9).

One hertz is one cycle per second. Were you to, say, tap your knee once every second, your knee-tapping frequency would be one hertz. One megahertz is one million cycles per second, and a gigahertz is one billion cycles per second. You probably can’t tap your knee that fast, at least not without some serious bruising, but current processors run at speeds well over one gigahertz. Speed is tied closely to the price of the processor. Usually, when a higher speed processor is released to market, lower speed processors drop in price.

Memory comes in the form of modules called SIMMs, DIMMs, RIMMs, or something similar. The IMM portion stands for Inline Memory Module, and the three precursors are Single, Double, and Rambus, respectively. Memory is measured in megabytes or even gigabytes. Figure 2-13 shows a DDR memory module. It’s easy to get confused about what’s in memory and what’s in storage, the latter of which refers to hard disks, removable media, and optical drives. Memory and storage are different animals, however. vp Monday, March 10, 2003 3:49:49 PM Memory Storage Is volatile, meaning that it doesn’t store data when powered down.

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