Black & White 2: Prima Official Game Guide by Ron Dulin

By Ron Dulin

You might want to Be a God· strategies for each Silver Scroll problem· successful concepts for either strong and evil gods· Creature education information· data for each constitution· Maps for all lands

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Conscript 2. Trainee 3. Rookie 4. Enlisted 5. Regular 6. Professional 7. Veteran 8. Specialist 9. Expert 10. Elite Chapter I Chapter II Good and Evil Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V With each rank, your platoon’s skills improve. Both archers and swordsmen receive increased movement speed, attack skill, and attack speed with each rank advancement. They also do more damage to buildings, siege weapons, and creatures. Swordsmen receive an increase to their charging speed, and they get higher defense.

If left to his own devices, he would goof off and play all the time. Give him a toy to make him happy, but make sure he learns early on that he needs to work, as the ape is a bit lazy. He’s very strong, though, so he’s a great choice for evil gods looking for a beast to mold into a fighter, even though he tends to be a bit sluggish. The creature you choose becomes your constant companion for the remainder of the game. The following creature descriptions give you an idea of each creature’s basic nature.

Punishing or killing your people, driving them to work harder, and attacking the towns of nonbelievers is a perfectly acceptable strategy. Equally acceptable is making sure your people lead long, happy lives while staying within your borders and building a huge town that converts nonbelievers to your cause. Chapter I Chapter II Good and Evil Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V When sending your creature into combat, always support him with a platoon of archers. Press 0 to quickly set your creature to his Soldier role.

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