Black Art of 3D Game Programming: Writing Your Own by Andre LaMothe

By Andre LaMothe

This unheard of instructional information each nuance of utilizing the c program languageperiod to create lightning-fast video games with 3D polygon pics. step by step directions advisor you thru each programming stage.

- Covers each element of 3D polygon online game layout, from inspiration to completion
- Discusses complete modem communications and methods for growing multi-player 3D video games
- contains over 30 shareware video games and demos together with a shareware paint application

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Make no doubt, a video game is a piece of art. But, unlike a painting that is static and unlike a song that is only heard, a video game is in flux, it is art in motion. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some suggestions: Play lots of games and try to determine what makes them fun and addictive. Read science fiction and fantasy novels. Rent some science fiction movies and, especially, some Japanese animated films (lots of good ideas in them). Don’t limit yourself to reality; remember, anything is possible in Cyberspace.

Time lag is the amount of time from the player’s input command to when the input acts on the game logic. Figure 2-3 shows this graphically. Ideally, time lag should be zero. However, in practice this is impossible to achieve because of physical limitations of the input device and its data rate. For example, the keyboard as currently set up by DOS will produce a maximum key repeat rate of 18 characters per second. It is possible that a player could input faster than that (improbable as it may be), and these inputs would be lost.

Also, as the chapters proceed, you should build a library that contains the modules up to that point. LIB and build it in the Microsoft Library Manager or, if you are using Borland’s compiler, include each module in the current project. LIB. As far as compiler selection goes, you can use anything you like, but I suggest Microsoft or Borland compilers. 5 versions of everything on the CD. However, the listings in the book are the Microsoft versions. C Here are the meanings of the compiler options: -C This instructs the compiler not to invoke the linker.

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