Biology Experiments for Children (Dover science books) by Ethel Hanaauer

By Ethel Hanaauer

Cells, utilizing a microscope, flora, animals; seventy seven experiments contain turning out to be protozoa, micro organism, development a terrarium, growing to be seeds in a sponge, learning spider net formation, comparable fabric. approximately part the experiments require a microscope. Over a hundred illustrations

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Crabs and crayfish shed their outgrown shells as their bodies grow larger and produce new and larger shells to fit as neededOn the other hand, clams, oysters, mussels and snails do not leave their shells as they grow. Their bodies secrete new cells to add to the original ones and more shell material to add to their size. " This term designates a stage in the development of a crab. All over the world the sea animals you have collected are valued as a source of food. STUDYING A STARFISH Follow this procedure: Examine the dried starfish In your collection of shells and sea animals.

The starfish crawls over his future meal and wraps himself firmly around the two-part shell of the 62 i~ ' r oyster. The oyster quickly snaps shut its double shell and holds it firmly closed. The muscles of the oyster are very strong, so the shell stays closed tightly. " By taking in water and taking from it the oxygen he needs, the oyster stays alive. As soon as the starfish feels the muscles of his future meal relaxing, he relaxes his own grip but still remains wrapped around the oyster. When the space between the two oyster shells is large enough, the starfish quickly inverts (turns inside out) his stomach through his mouth opening and pushes it between the parted shells.

It puts together raw materials to make a finished product, in this case starch. In the plant, the raw materials are water (which the plant gets from the soil through its roots) and the gas carbon dioxide. A leaf actually breathes through microscopic openings called stomates located on its undersurface; this is how a leaf takes in carbon dioxide from the air. Every factory needs power, or energy, to run its machinery. Sunlight is the source of power for every leaf factory. Without sunlight, leaves would not be able to manufacture food for plants, nor, indirectly, for animals and humans.

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