BioShock and Philosophy: Irrational Game, Rational Book by Luke Cuddy, William Irwin

By Luke Cuddy, William Irwin

Thought of an indication of the ‘coming of age’ of games as a creative medium, the award-winning BioShock franchise covers sizeable philosophical floor. BioShock and Philosophy: Irrational online game, Rational Book presents specialist reflections by way of philosophers (and Bioshock connoisseurs) in this seriously acclaimed and immersive fan-favorite.

  • Reveals the philosophical questions raised in the course of the inventive complexity, compelling characters and soaking up plots of this ground-breaking first-person shooter (FPS)
  • Explores what BioShock teaches the gamer approximately gaming, and the aesthetics of game storytelling
  • Addresses a big selection of themes together with Marxism, propaganda, human enhancement applied sciences, political decision-making, unfastened will, morality, feminism, transworld individuality, and merchandising machines within the dystopian society of Rapture
  • Considers visionary video game developer Ken Levine’s depiction of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, in addition to the theories of Aristotle, de Beauvoir, Dewey, Leibniz, Marx, Plato, and others from the corridor of Philosophical Heroes

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Again, we can see why Elizabeth, free from her literal tower, is not free. She does not take any real steps to develop her freedom, to be active rather than passive, to be in control rather than submissive. 8 “You Don’t Need to Protect Elizabeth in Combat. She Can Take Care of Herself”—Game Instructions Another striking example of Elizabeth’s oppression in BioShock Infinite that mirrors the oppression of women can be found in her activities as a companion to Booker. She performs three major tasks: code‐breaking, lock‐picking, and the retrieval of supplies, the first 42 catlyn origitano two being completely unique to her (Booker can, after all, eat cake out of the garbage can if he needs health).

Eventually they are reunited, though her attitude is certainly changed. She reverts to calling him Mr. DeWitt and tells him, “Don’t get too comfortable with my company, Mr. DeWitt. ” Booker responds to her aggression in like kind, at one point rather gruffly saying to her, “My busting you out; what do you think that was? ” This tension between the two is entirely necessary. After all, Booker has been benefiting from Elizabeth’s submission for most of the game. It is also a natural conclusion of Elizabeth, or any woman, struggling against oppression.

Far from acting out of hostile intent, the alien parasite believes that its form of existence is an escape from the isola­ tion that species such as humanity often experience. Again and again, shodan vs. the many 35 the Many mock the player with statements like “Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism cannot even conceive,” and “You are so very alone. ” Parfit’s writings on the subject hinge on the claim that what really matters in existence is not so much the persistence of identity as mere survival.

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