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This can be the respectable info at the Berkeley DB, written through the creators. It indicates the way to upload and enforce this database procedure into current structures with out going surfing for guide.

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Key/data pairs written on a little-endian format architecture will be returned to the application exactly as they were written when retrieved on a big-endian format architecture. Team-Fly Top 56 Part I: Reference Guide Part I: Reference Guide 57 Team-Fly Berkeley DB By Sleepycat&"v1">Table of Contents Chapter 3. Access Method Configuration Non-Local Memory Allocation Berkeley DB can allocate memory for returned key/data pairs, which then become the responsibility of the application. See DB_DBT_MALLOC or DB_DBT_ REALLOC for further information.

There is a single data item for each key item by default, but databases can be configured to support multiple data items for each key item. Team-Fly Top Part I: Reference Guide 39 40 Part I: Reference Guide Team-Fly Berkeley DB By Sleepycat&"v1">Table of Contents Chapter 2. Getting Started: A Simple Tutorial Object Handles With a few minor exceptions, Berkeley DB functionality is accessed by creating a structure and then calling functions that are fields in that structure. This is, of course, similar to object-oriented concepts of instances and methods on them.

The db_stat utility will present these statistics both for the cache as a whole and for each file within the cache separately. Team-Fly Top Team-Fly Berkeley DB By Sleepycat&"v1">Table of Contents Chapter 3. Access Method Configuration Selecting a Byte Order Database files created by Berkeley DB can be created in either little- or big-endian formats. The byte order used for the underlying database is specified by calling the DB set_lorder function. If no order is selected, the native format of the machine on which the database is created will be used.

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