Bangs and twangs: science fun with sound by Vicki Cobb

By Vicki Cobb

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Put one cup over each ear. You now have super ears! Page 33 You can make super ears work even better if you cut an angled scoop out of the top. The super ears collect more sound waves and funnel them into your ears. Page 34 5 Paper Cup Speaker System You can use a paper cup to replace the amplifier and speakers of your stereo. Of course, the sound quality will be poor, but it's a fun experiment. Here Is What You Need: Page 35 Trim the paper cup so it is about half as tall. This allows you to reach inside and stick the pin halfway through the bottom.

3: These vibrations make the bottom of the other cup vibrate. 4: This makes the air vibrate, and your friend's ear hears sound at the other end. Since the vibrations are made by your voice, the sounds your friend hears are your words. Your walkie-talkie is also a great squawker. With your thumb and index finger grasp the dental floss next to the bottom of the cup. Lightly and quickly move your fingers along the floss as far as your arm reaches. A loud squawk should come out of the cup. Keep trying until you get a squawky walkie-talkie.

Gently tap a glass with a spoon. Knock on wood. Pluck a guitar or a piano string or a stretched rubber band. Blow across the open top of a soda bottle. Listen to each sound you make. Is it like a musical note or is it an ordinary The sound waves are traveling through air. Page 5 noise? Is it high or low? Can you match the tone with your voice? Hit something solid like countertop. Hit something hollow like a box. Knock on a wall in several places. Some areas may sound hollow, some may sound solid.

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