An Outline of International Price Theories by Chi-Yuen Wu

By Chi-Yuen Wu

Masking the interval 1550 - 1939, this e-book examines the heritage and improvement of theories of overseas pricing and trade.The paintings of the next economists is roofed: Locke, Barbon, Vaderlint, Harris, Hume, Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Bosanquet, Mill, Torrens, Marshall, Haberler, Austin, Stirling, Chevalier, Carines, Jevons, Leslie, Goschen, Bagehot, Wicksell, Sidgwick, Pigou, Viner, Heckscher, Ohlin, Keynes, Taussig, and Pareto.The quantity comprises an in depth Bibliography of every interval mentioned in addition to entire indices of topics and names. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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It should be further noted that we do not assign the credit of first THE MERCANTILISTIC THEORIES 21 relationship of foreign trade, the movement of specie, and the domestic price level to each other. He pointed out that by foreign trade gold and silver would be brought into the country and that the inflow of the precious metals would cause a general rise of prices. " He did not, however, explain whether the internal price level had any effect on foreign trade or not. It was not until the beginning of the seventeenth century that an Englishman, Malynes, attacked the subject and produced a thesis, which was a curious combination of Bodin's doctrines with those of Hales.

115-209. * Edward Misselden (fl. 1608-1654), a prominent merchant, was connected with the East India Company at about the time during which he wrote on economic matters. His economic writings were primarily called forth by the appointment of the standing commission on trade in 1622 and were published, as shown in the preceding note, between 1622 and 1623. In October, 1623, he left England, and " the East India Company invited him to act as one of their commissioners at Amsterdam to negotiate a private treaty with the Dutch ".

The East India Company had naturally to defend itself, and it found two brilliant champions of its interests in its own ranks. 1 They were Edward Misselden 2 and Thomas Mun,3 who not only refuted the specific charge that the company was draining the country of treasure but also the theoretical foundations of the arguments of Milles and Malynes, especially their views on foreign exchange. 4 Mun spoke of a favourable 1 The following are the most important works in connection with that controversy :— (a) Malynes, Lex Mercatoria (London, 1622).

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