Aliens Vs. Predator 2: Prima's Official Strategy Guide by Rick Barba

By Rick Barba

Play or Prey?• assault techniques for every uniquespecies• info on guns, instruments, skills, and gear• entire walkthroughs for Alien, Predator, and Marine missions• complex tips for veteran avid gamers• Multiplayer point and playable personality tips

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Fig. 3-9. Hang from walls or ceilings near doorways, then drop on unsuspecting prey. Run Away Yes, you’re a single-minded killing machine. You damage easily, so if you get hurt in a fight, particularly against multiple opponents, break off the engagement. ) Hide in a place that plays to your strengths, and wait on a wall or ceiling for your pursuers. Or just seek other, less aware prey. Stun Folks and Eat Heads Your best source of energy is the head of a living human. Headbites are hard to execute against moving targets, however.

Beating Aliens versus Predator 2’s single-player missions is an accomplishment in its own right, but it also introduces you to some basics and unique features of this particular game. For example, Alien movement can be disorienting at first. Mastering the Alien wall-walk and interpreting the Gravity Sense display takes practice. It also takes time to adjust to fighting without ranged weapons; Aliens have only teeth, claws, tail, and their fearsome pounce attack. Players used to slinging the intense long-range guns found in most first-person shooters must make big adjustments.

Strafe, rush, and pull back a bit—mix it up! If you do slip to mid-range from time to time, that’s okay. Both your plasma weapons are quite good at that distance, and your Plasmacaster’s tracking system (combined with your Thermal vision mode) means your aim can be less precise as you joust and move; your projectiles still find a home in your enemy’s heart. For some good advice on cloaking against human enemies, see the note on cloaking in the “General Tactics” section of this chapter. A tip from the game manual that bears repeating: The ordnance from the Marine’s tracking weapons (the Smartgun and Rocket Launcher) locates you if you are moving.

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