Advances in Organometallic Chemistry, Vol. 32 by F.G.A. Stone, Robert West (Eds.)

By F.G.A. Stone, Robert West (Eds.)

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RAUBENHEIMER PPh,, PMe,Ph, or C6HI,NC, R =p-MeOC,H, or C,H,,) and thiirane, which yields cyclic aminothiocarbene complexes (166). Thiirane does not react with the bulky Bu‘NC ligand (Z3Z). The thermal fragmentation of thiirane or thiirane S-oxide in the presence of [ Fe,(CO),,] yields the ethenedithiolate complex, 3a, by incorporating an additional sulfur atom into I I s\ / s 0 Fe 3( C 01, II + /”\ I + I/\\ -Fe(C013 (C013Fe . the ligand (132). The same occurs when ethylene sulfide, SCH,CHR (R = H), or propylene sulfide (R = Me) reacts with [MoHCp(CO),] or [ MoCp(CO),], (CpMoL,) to give 168.

176 [CO~(CO)J(P,-SCMC) I77 Dithioesters, R1C(S)R2(R'= Me, Et, Pr', Bu, c-Hex, Ph, p-MeC,H,, p-MeOCbH,, 3,4-Me,C6H,, p-Me,NC,H,, 2-thiophenyl, a-naphthyl; R2 = Me), react with [co,(co)8] and are desulfurized to yield alkylidyne tricobalt nonacarbonyl clusters (178) (42). R'C(S)SMe - + C O ~ ( C O ) ~[Co,(CO),]@,-CR) 178 The photochemical reaction of N,N-diethyl-S-ethylcarbamate with [Fe(CO),] fragments the ligand, and some of the fragments are incorporated into the multinuclear complexes 179 and 5.

In effect, the N donor group is replaced by sulfur, and a sulfur atom is inserted into the original Fe-C o bond (184). s s ( C 0 ) 3 F e -Fe(C0I3 27 7 + S, + l,Y \ -Fe(C0)3 (C0I3Fe- 278 reaction of allyltrimethylsilane with elemental sulfur in the presence of triiron dodecacarbonyl leads to the addition of sulfur at an olefinic double bond and the formation of 279. No reaction occurs in the absence of CHzSiMe3 I 279 58 LORNA LINFORD AND HELGARD 0. RAUBENHEIMER [ Fe,(CO),,] (185,186). From the reaction between norbornadiene, S8, and [ Fe,(CO),,] three different complexes (280 - 282) of composition 280 28 I 282 Fe2(C0)6(S2C7H8) were isolated (187).

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