A Mediterranean Emporium: The Catalan Kingdom of Majorca by David Abulafia

By David Abulafia

The Catalan nation of Majorca was once proven below the desire of King James I of Aragon, who conquered Majorca in 1229, however it used to be governed from 1276 to 1343 through a cadet dynasty. the dominion incorporated the major enterprise facilities of Montpellier and Perpignan, and different lands in what's now southern France. It used to be domestic to special Jewish and Muslim groups, and used to be the focal point of immigration from Catalonia, Provence and Italy. This e-book emphasizes the most important differences within the alternate of the Balearic Islands from the eve of the Catalan conquest to the Black loss of life, and the impression of the kingdom's construction and dying at the financial system of the sector.

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But Desclot was very definitely not on the side of the Majorcans when conflict broke out after 1282 between Peter the Great of Aragon and James II of Majorca. Muntaner attempted, at times at great risk to veracity, to argue that the Majorcan dynasty was always really on good terms with the Aragonese; but he observed the Majorcan monarchy mainly from outside its territory. The royal chronicles of James I and Peter IV are illuminating on the question what the Aragonese kings thought the status of the Majorcan kingdom to be; but Peter was deeply hostile to its existence, and seems to have conceived its suppression as a marvellous way to unite the Aragonese baronage behind himself.

F o r the fate of t h e Muslims, see c h a p t e r 4. See A. Riera Melis, La Corona de Aragon y el reino de Mallorca en el primer cuarto del siglo XIV, vol. 1, Las repercussiones arancelarias de la autonomia balear (1208-1311) (Barcelona, 1986), and chapter 8. G . A l o m a r , Urbanismo regional en la edad media: las ' Ordinacionsi de Jaime II (1300) en el reino de Mallorca (Barcelona, 1976), a n d c h a p t e r 8. For the cartographers, see chapter 10. Cambridge Books Online © Cambridge University Press, 2009 The Balearic setting 13 11 As a cultural centre, Mallorca did not compare with contemporary Toledo or Barcelona; this was perhaps because the major source of patronage, the monarchy, was based in the mainland possessions, at Perpignan.

There is further material on Menorca and Ibiza in the acts of the thirteenth Congress of the History of the Crown of Aragon, cited earlier, one theme of which was the lesser islands. J . Rogozinski, Power, caste and law. Social conflict in fourteenth-century Montpellier (Cambridge, MA, 1982). But see now K. Reyerson, 'Flight from prosecution: the search for religious asylum in medieval Montpellier', French Historical Studies, 17 (1992), 603-26. M . M c V a u g h , Medicine before the plague. Practitioners and their patients in the Crown of Aragon, 1285-1345 ( C a m b r i d g e , 1993).

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