26 Secrets of Feng Shui by Eloise Helm

By Eloise Helm

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Color plays an important role in all our lives, but especially children’s. Most people are not aware of how important color is in helping children feel well adjusted and happy. 43 23 Activate your Fame Section - South Feng Shui is important for attracting success and luck for your career and business. Activating the fame section helps bring you fame, whether it is in the business world or the arts. If you are an artist, writer or musician, activating this section can help increase your chances for recognition and success.

If you were born early in the year, please note that you may have to adjust your year of birth to determine your Kua number, as your birth date may fall before Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year begins at different times each year, always after the first New Moon in Aquarius somewhere between January 21st and Feb. 19th). As you get further into Feng Shui you will need to know which two groups you belong in, West or East groups. When you begin to decorate your home with your best colors and good directions you need this information.

If your color, for instance, is gold, you can use lots of gold, but you must use caution with green as that color would cause health problems. Knowing the importance of color and balancing its placement is most important. If you are a Fire person, you can use lots of red in your home, but too much metal or the color white would not be good for you. If you are a water person, you can also have too much white in your home. Greens and pale blues would be good for you. Green is a good and lucky color if you are of the water or wood element.

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