2011-2012 Basic and Clinical Science Course, Section 2: by K.V. Chalam, MD, PhD

By K.V. Chalam, MD, PhD

Presents the fundamental medical grounding for present ophthalmic perform. Discussions hide ocular anatomy, embryology, the biochemistry and metabolism of the attention and the newest advancements in eye-related molecular and scientific genetics reviews. includes information regarding ocular pharmacotherapeutics, up-to-date drug info and a dialogue of the criminal elements of clinical remedy. final significant revision 2009 2010.

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Etwa 29 Millionen Menschen werden in Deutschland professional Jahr in Augenarztpraxen und Augenkliniken behandelt, forty four Millionen gleichen ihre Fehlsichtigkeit mit Brille oder Kontaktlinsen aus. Grüner famous person (Glaukom), Altersbezogene Makula-Degeneration (AMD) und durch Diabetes hervorgerufene Netzhautschäden gehören zu den häufigsten Ursachen für starke Sehminderung und Blindheit.

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The orbital part inserts in a complex way into the medial canthal tendon and into other portions of t he orbital rim and the corrugator supercilii muscl e. The orbital part acts like a sphincter and functions solely as a volu ntary muscle. CHAPTER 1: Orbit and Ocular Adnexa. 27 Table '-3 Glands of the Eye and Adnexa Glands location Secretion Content Lacrimal Orbita l gland Palpebral gland Plica, caruncle Eye lid Eyelid Tarsus Follicles of cilia Eyelid, caruncle Eye lid Conjunctiva Plica, caruncle Exocrine Exocrine Exocrine Exocrine Exocrine Holocrine Holocrine Holocrine Eccrine Holocrine Holocrine Aqueous Aqueous Aqueous Aqueous Aqueous Oily Oily Oily Sweat Mucus Mucus Accessory lacrimal Krause Wolfring Meibomian Zeis Mol l Goblet cell The palpebral part of the orbicularis functions both voluntarily and involuntarily in spontaneous and reflex blinking.

And smooth muscle (Fig 1-37). Demer JL. Mechanics of the orbita. Dev Ophtlwlmol. 2007;40:132 - 157. The suspensory li gament of Lockwood (F ig 1-38) is a fusion of the sheath of the in ferior rectus muscle, th e inferior tarsal muscle, and the check liga ments of the medial and lateral rectus muscles. It provides support for the globe and the anterioinferior orbit. The fusion of the sheath of the inferior rectus muscles. the Lochvood ligament. and the inferior tarsal IllUscle is an important consideration in surgery.

When describing the anatomy of the upper eyel id. it is helpful to divide it into distinct segments from the dermal surface inward. These segments are the skin. the eyelid margin. the subcutaneous tissue, the orbicularis muscle. orbital septum , levator muscle. Muller mu scle, tarsus. and conjunctiva (Figs 1-23 th rough 1-26). Skin The eyelid skin. the thinnest in the body. contains fine hairs. sebaceous glands. and sweat glands. A superior eyelid fold is present near the upper border of the tarsus.

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