101 Science Experiments by Illa Podendorf

By Illa Podendorf

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You might p u t a piece of tissue p a p e r on a black board and rub it. It will stick to the black board until its charge is gone. Static electricity works best on a cold day. 8. * th hear and see static electricity if you do this You may both hear ana experiment How can I hear and see electricity. ) Gent y y Ws head down h,s ^ ****** shuffle your feet over a rtig m the wi some object. ^ „ ^ see sparks 9. 54 What do electric charges do to each other? Put a silk thread through the end of a grain of puffed rice.

Close the switch and see whether the electric magnet works. M a k e the magnet stronger by placing another dry cell in the circuit a n d see w h e t h e r it works. You may decide to place a third dry cell in the circuit and make the electric magnet even stronger. Something is almost sure to have h a p p e n e d to the wire in the fuse by now. It may have b u r n e d out when you a d d e d the second dry cell, or it m a y have b u r n e d out w h e n you a d d e d the t h i r d . It is easy to see t h a t a fuse is very helpful.

Notice which dries first. T h e one in the w a r m place will probably dry first because the little molecules of water will go into w a r m air faster t h a n into cold air. This is because the molecules of w a r m air are moving faster t h a n molecules of cold air. 63 5. Can water be taken out of the air again? Put a small a m o u n t of water in a glass j a r . P u t s o m e ice c u b e s in t h e w a t e r a n d shake t h e m a r o u n d . This makes t h e water a n d j a r very cold. N o w w a t c h w h a t h a p pens to the outside of the jar.

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