101 Apple Computer Programming Tips and Tricks by Fred White

By Fred White

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101 Apple Computer Programming Tips and Tricks

Publication by means of White, Fred

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The conversion is made in line 140. If you wlsh to convert a keyboard character to its ASCII value, the program jumps from line 60 to line 200. The converslon Is done at line 230. " ;CH$ HOME PRINT "THE CHARACTER IS ";CH$ PRINT "THE ASCII NUMBER IS " ;ASC(C H$) PRINT GOTO 20 36 Character Numbers This brief program displays the ASCII value for each keyboard character, side-by-side with the character it stands tor. You will be able quickly to tell what each number prints. Une 40 is a timing loop to slow down the presentation so you can digest the information.

We use the handy PRINT CHR$(7) instruction to do the actual ringing. The N value in line 20 sets the actual number of repeat rings. ) The L value in line 40 establishes the time delay between rings. To insert more time, increase the number 100 in line 40. To shorten the time between beeps, lower the number 100 in line 40. search for data, to create a Q&A. We put DATA in lines 20-130. It could be anywhere in the prograrn. For instance, at the end at lines 400-510. The computer sees two items in each data IIne.

Numbers keyed in are stored first as strings. Then line 120 changes them to number values for the addition in line 130. Program Listing 10 20 100 110 120 130 140 200 210 46 HOME B=0:C=0 INPUT"GIVE ME A NUMBER";A$ IF A$="X" THEN GOTO 200 B=VAL(A$) C=C+B GOTO 100 PRINT:PRINT CHR$(7) PRINT "THE TOTAL OF ALL THOSE NUMBERS lS ";C 33 Entering: Zero Stop Here's another way to conclude an entry loop: have the computer be on the lookout for a plain zero . When a zero is entered, the computer will jump out of the entry cycle and on to further action.

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