1,000 Inventions and Discoveries by DK


From making fireplace to development the contraptions of the twenty first century, discover the tales in the back of the outstanding principles and units that experience formed our global in 1,000 innovations and Discoveries.

This revised and up to date variation brings this accomplished evaluate of humanity's maximum principles modern. ideas in technological know-how, area, expertise, transportation, drugs, arithmetic, and language are coated, besides a timeline of background highlighting all innovations and discoveries from the airbag to DNA, lie detectors to hormones, and funds to the symptoms of the zodiac. function containers delve into the main points of the lives of Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein and extra, whereas impressive pictures and archive fabrics deliver their achievements to life.

Covering over three million years of principles, 1,000 innovations and Discoveries will amaze and encourage a love of background in kids.

Supports the typical center country Standards.

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These showed smoke by day and a light to Mosaic c300 bc M osaics are pictures made up using small pieces of colored stone or glass cemented to walls or floors. The first mosaics were probably made using natural pebbles. By 300 bc, the “tessera” technique had been invented, in which tiny tiles cut from stone or glass were used to give fine detail and rich color. This beautiful, hard-wearing form of interior decoration went down well with the Romans. Many of their mosaics still exist today. Scientific botany c300 bc Greek philosopher Theophrastus was the first real botanist.

Stirrups. They sat on some kind of blanket or cloth, and this eventually evolved into the padded leather saddle used today. Chinese riders were using saddles by about 50 bc, but it is thought that saddles were invented at least 250 years earlier than this by a group of nomads called the Scythians, who lived in what is now mostly Ukraine. aim for at night, and were simply placed on hilltops. The first real lighthouse was created in Egypt, on the island of Pharos, off Alexandria. When its Greek engineer Sostratus of Cnidus finished it in about 280 bc, it was probably about 410 ft (125 m) high – almost as high as the pyramids (✷ see page 24).

Roman engineers brought water from the surrounding hills into their cities, then sent it to where it was needed through pipes. They sometimes made these from wood, but more often used lead because it lasted longer and was soft and easy to roll up into tubes. Lead pipes were still in use in the early 20th century, but most have now been replaced because unfortunately, as the Roman engineer Vitruvius pointed out, too much lead is poisonous. which legal business can be conducted. Before this, the days were just read out each month, making justice uncertain.

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